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American Sign Language Assessment Instrument (ASLAI)

Originated by Robert Hoffmeister, The American Sign Language Assessment Instrument (ASLAI) is designed to track the yearly progression of ASL and English print literacy over time for students ages 4-18. The ASLAI consists of eleven receptive tasks: five related to vocabulary, three pertaining to syntax, and two reasoning and comprehension tasks. The ASLAI is now available to schools, states, and programs throughout the country on a contract basis. 

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ASLAI Currently Offers the Following Evaluations

  • Vocabulary Simple (VOCS)
  • Vocabulary Difficult (VOCD)
  • Antonyms (ANT)
  • Synonyms (SYN)
  • Vocabulary in Sentences
  • Real Objects & Plurals
  • Syntax: Simple Task (STXS)
  • Syntax: Difficult Task (STXD)
  • Analogies Task (ANG)
  • Comprehension (CMP) and Comprehension: Easy (CMPE)
  • Rhode Island Test of Language Structure (Adapted), (RITLS)

Testing For Your Organization

Example of ASLAI test

The ASLAI is available to schools, states, and programs throughout the country on a contract basis. Before each administration, we obtain background information of participants to include educational history, reading and math scores, family history, and biographical information. Each test administration at a school typically takes place over the course of one week, with customized reports then available within 60 days after the administration. CRT will customize services based on the number of students, programs, or number of schools/districts within a state.

Metro Deaf School contracted with The Center for Research and Training to provide the American Sign Language Assessment Instrument for our students. We are pleased with the services of CRT and are continuing to engage them as a vendor in service provision. CRT staff possess strong expertise in the development and provision of assessments in ASL for students who are deaf and hard of hearing

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