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Ideas for Being Present with Your Child

“If you are present, you are doing enough.”
-Karen Kelley Hopkins, Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

"Lean in": Eye‐to‐Eye and Face­‐to‐Face

We all need more time for being cozy, comfortable and connected these days. Look for those quiet times and spaces for communication. Kids like little spaces*.

Make a cozy space in a laundry basket. Build a blanket fort.

Make mats out of paper or use beach towels so that each person has a special place to sit.

The idea is to create opportunities where everyone has a comfortable place: and everyone is available to connect and share.

*Please note that these little spaces also work when "alone time" is needed.

We are striving for balance.

Tell Stories

Every experience – a hurt finger, bath time, what we can do after mom and dad finish work – is a story with a beginning, middle, and end, characters, setting and plot twists.

Tell your child’s stories.

Pretend Play

Save those empty cereal boxes and juice containers, cut up some paper to make play money, find a box to be a "cash register" and play store. Use a paper plate as a steering wheel and "drive around" delivering packages (or putting things away!)

Fill a laundry basket with clothes and accessories for role-­‐play.  Kids love to pretend to be like mom and dad, a favorite character or a much loved and missed teacher, grandparent or babysitter.

If you want to get fancier, add paper plate tires and steering wheels to chairs or empty boxes and go to the "drive‐in."

Have a Chat

Parents are invited to check out this link to Rachel Romeo’s wonderful study on the “back and forth” of language

Article and YouTube video

Conversational turn­‐taking builds brains!

Conversations with young children don’t have to be long (3–4 exchanges). Follow your child’s lead. Take turns. Comment. Add information and description.  Keep it going.

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