COVID-19 Updates, Reopening Plans and Remote Services for Our Community:

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COVID-19 Program and Services Updates

Reopening Plans

We remain deeply committed to the health and safety of all our students and staff, and are working diligently to prepare for the new school year.

Marie Philip and Walden School

Walden School has continuously been open for residential students. 

MPS and Walden School leaders continue to attend meetings with Education Commissioner Jeff Riley, The Department of Public Health, The Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) and The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps). We are diligently following DESE’s guidance to prepare plans for three possible opening scenarios:

(1) full in-person schooling;
(2) hybrid – some of the students in person at a time, with some students remaining remote;
(3) full remote schooling

We are submitting all three plans to the state by July 31. The state has specifically instructed schools to not decide on which of the three plans they will begin the school year with, and to not make any final announcements until after plans are submitted to Commissioner Riley’s office. Ongoing communication continues to be released from the state related to school reopening, and we will need to remain flexible as more guidance is given to us.


Much of TLC'S work right now is focused on health and safety measures detailed in the Commissioner’s guidance. We are ordering all needed cleaning and personal protection equipment, and evaluating each room on campus to increase floor space and create room to follow social distancing guidelines. Finally, working groups are reviewing class schedules, curriculum and technology needs and student support services.  We will be sharing our detailed planning documents with families soon.

Information is rapidly evolving, and we will be continuing to provide communications frequently with our families as well as update this page in the coming weeks about our plans for the upcoming school year.  

We recognize there are many questions that will be asked - now and in the coming weeks. We have organized the list below of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope our community finds helpful in relation to COVID-19 guidelines and reopening policies. Please note we will be updating these questions as more information becomes available:

DESE Released Guidelines

frequently asked questions

The following programs at TLC are still open and operating under a Telehealth or Remote Services structure (Revised July 1, 2020):

  • Audiology Clinic: Our Clinic is open and available to see patients! We're also offering Telehealth and curbside service.
  • Interpreting Services: Offering HIPAA-compliant web-based platforms to support online interpreting services for medical, academic, professional and educational settings. Please note our Testing Site is currently closed until at least August 24.
  • Walden Community Services (Children's Behavioral Health Initiative): Providing Telehealth services to support families across the Commonwealth with a deaf family member.
  • Public School Partnerships: PSP offers advocacy for parents and school districts during this challenging climate to provide a support system for monitoring deaf and hard of hearing students’ academic and developmental progress.
  • Badavas Parent Infant Program (PIP): Our PIP Program serves deaf and hard of hearing children birth to age 3 who are enrolled in Early Intervention programs across the state of Massachusetts. We continue to remain open and we are accepting new referrals! We have been successful in connecting with our families through remote and virtual consultations, playgroups and appointments. 
  • Walden School is accepting new students! To start your process, please fill out this form to contact Admissions. Walden is also supporting its students with remote learning and providing a therapeutic, educational residential program for deaf children and youth ages 8 to 22
  • Center for Research and Training: CRT continues to support its clients with culturally and linguistically accessible education for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Please view the Agency Operations Status below for additional details, or visit our program pages for additional information.