TLC Remains Open for Remote and Telehealth Services:

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Group of TLC staff and students smiling at camera with the award from MCDHH


Not Pictured

Shilpa Hanumantha Ph.D, Trustee
Marilyn Sass-Lehrer Ph.D, Trustee
Joseph Innes, Trustee

Board of Directors Emeritus

Michael Bello, Trustee, Emeritus Executive Director & President
David Mansfield, Emeritus Trustee, TLC Alumni Parent
Daniel McManus, Emeritus Trustee, TLC Alumni Parent
Christopher Needham, Emeritus Trustee
Robert Badavas, Emeritus Chairperson, TLC Alumni Parent
Glenn Pransky, Emeritus Trustee, TLC Alumni Parent
Heather Harker, Emeritus Trustee
Jeffery Freedman, Emeritus Trustee
Ed Gotgart, Emeritus Trustee
Judith Vreeland, Emerita Executive Director & President
Warren Schwab (1930-2019) Founder, Emeritus Trustee