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Equity and Inclusion at TLC


"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

(Maya Angelou)

About Us:

We respect and value diverse life experiences and ensure that all stories are valued and respected. Equity and inclusion are interconnected in our work and critical to ensuring a sense of belonging for the people we serve through authentic relationship-building.

Community Engagement


YW Boston: Elevating Lives Conference

The 2022 YW Boston Elevating Lives Conference gathered over 150 leaders and professionals who focused on how organizations can respond promptly to the need for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while also pacing this work to ensure lasting, systemic change.

TLC Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Kyle Amber Clark, co-facilitated a breakout session called "Dream Work Through Teamwork: Advancing DEI Work as Non-Managers."

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WBJ Diversity Article

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Kyle Amber Clark wrote an article for Worcester Business Journal for their Diversity and Equity issue, providing an important perspective on accessibility and intersectionality in the Deaf community


Honoring Juneteenth

TLC celebrated together on the journey to understand, learn and embrace the past, present and future. In honor of Juneteenth, a recent recognized Federal holiday, the e&i office sponsored a trip for both staff and students of color to celebrate a day of freedom and liberation.  Itinerary includes a meal at Tawakal Halal Cafe, and a trip to the Museum of African American History. Those in attendance included staff and students of color from Walden Community Services, Marie Philip School, and Walden School and TLC Interpreting Services.

Invisible Racism

Often people understand the term “racism” and may be able to define it however when we look at the system, some don’t realize how invisible racism exists. To dismantle systemic and structural racism requires a collaborative approach involving various stakeholders on individual and group work on an organizational  level. 

Presenter Kyle Amber Clark opens the webinar defining the meaning of invisible racism. Howard A. Rosenblum (NAD CEO) joins the panel to discuss the NAD Headquarters’ internal operations and what they’re doing to identify and address invisible racism; Melissa Draganac-Hawk (NAD Outgoing President) to share the NAD Board’s history of addressing racism and the 2020-2022 Priority “Dismantling Racism in the Deaf Community” priority; Jenny Buechner (NAD Incoming President) will join to highlight specific goals the NAD Board has to address racism and the NAD’s commitment. 

Originally shared August 18, 2022 as part of NAD's The ‘Real Talk, Good Action’ webinar series.

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TLC CEIO Kyle Amber Clark and School Counselor DeLasha Singleton hosted a critical conversation about the meaning of the decolonization of Thanksgiving. Instead of canceling holidays, we invite people to think about how they can recognize the day of ‘giving back,’ acknowledging the land where we reside, honor the food shared by the Native Americans, learn more about cultures through stories, and connect with our children through a culturally responsive paradigm. We can celebrate by sharing what the day meant for the Indigenous and Native Americans.

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In Solidarity


A Message of Support for the LGTBQ+ Community

A statement following the shooting outside a LGTBQ Nightclub in Colorado Springs, Co. (November, 2022).

Justice for Minneapolis: A Statement from TLC Following the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

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#StopAntiAsianHate: A Message from TLC Leadership

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Equity & Inclusion Office’s Statement about January 6th, 2021 Insurrection at Capitol

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Insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021: Resources for Critical Dialogues:

Our Racial Equity Plan

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ASL Resources for Families:

Below is a collection of resources to help individuals learn more about fostering a culture of racial equity that is taught on every level and practiced in every way.  Our list of links below includes a collection of articles, books, videos and other resources to support you. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but ever-evolving; We will continue to add resources as they are appropriately evaluated.

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