Response to the March 16th Events in Georgia: Stop Anti-Asian Hate

The Learning Center for the Deaf as an organization wants to be explicit and transparent in sharing this message to support our Asian colleagues, students, and families that we do not tolerate hate of any form in our home. We stand firm when we say hate has no home here at TLC. 

Our core values reflect our continued learning effort to be aware and intentional in the work we do, to promote, and fully embody inclusivity, recognition and equality for all who are a part of our TLC community and beyond.   

What happened in Atlanta, Georgia is not first, nor is the incident new; there are more than 3,800 documented hate crimes against Asian Americans since the pandemic and around 503 incidents in 2021 alone (Yam, 2021). More are likely unreported. Violence against Asian American Pacific Island (AAPI) elders is on the rise, and we have the social responsibility to stop xenophobic attacks. We call you to join us in this fight and curb racist and inaccurate information about the Asian community and the coronavirus.

As an organization that strives to work toward racial equity, we must recognize the number is increasing, and we must stop, not only to show solidarity but to be clear that #StopAntiAsianHate cannot only be a hashtag, but to gather together to help by educating others, show our allyship, and speak up.

Stop Anti-Asian Hate Resources  

To stand together in solidarity to combat racial injustice, here are some specific messages from TLC leaders: 

Marie Philip School Superintendent Jennifer Greenfield: “As we strive to be anti-racists in mind and practice, we stand by our staff and students of AAPI heritage in solidarity against these hate crimes.” 

Kym Meyer, Director of the Public Schools Partnership (PSP): “To the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) members of our community, we see you, and TLC pledges commitment to your support and aid. It’s up to each of us to speak up, educate ourselves, and remain vigilant against the toxic impact of misinformation.

Lydia Colón, Audiology Clinic Director: “In this diverse global community, we all must play a part in fighting for the respect, humanity, and dignity of each other. To our Asian American Pacific Islander co-workers, students, families, and patients, we see you and stand by you in this fight.”

Michelle Cline, Executive Director, Walden School: “As attacks on our Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have increased, the mental health implication is greater. We must stop and interrupt hate towards all Asians and be of support.”

Karen Bishop, Chief Operating Officer: “We must stand together against hate, in any form, and stand now with members of the Asian-Pacific Island Communities. We must condemn all acts of violence and hate displayed in the rising incidences of anti-Asian hate crimes. We must do everything in our power to eliminate racism.”

Andy Veith, Director of Interpreting Services: “We stand in solidarity against any types of hate crimes and oppression. We see and stand with you against the hate toward our AAPI community. We will continue to fight and support the end of injustice.”

Elisa Valles, Director of Walden Community Services: “As an agency focused on community and family work, we stand in force against hate and grieve with the AAPI communities for the hate crimes performed against the communities. We recognize the stigma and the harm it perpetuates for the soul and the heart. We do not condone hatred and will fight stigma and harm.” 

Danielle Kehoe, Chief Advancement Officer: “We condemn and denounce acts of violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance against the AAPI communities.  We stand in support of our AAPI colleagues, students, families, and community.”

In solidarity for humanity, 

Kyle Amber Clark, Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

Sarah Glenn-Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Kehoe, Chief Advancement Officer

Karen Bishop, Chief Operating Officer

Kym Myers, Public School Partnership Program

Lydia Colón, Audiology Clinic

Andy Veith, Interpreting Services

Elisa Valles, Walden Community Services

Jennifer Greenfield, Marie Philip School

Michelle Cline, Walden School