COVID Reopening Guidance for MPS, Walden and Community Programs

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ECC students doing hands on activity.

Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center at The Learning Center for the Deaf serves deaf and hard-of-hearing children aged 3-6, and their families with innovative research based instructional strategies and programs. Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to develop age-appropriate cognitive, communication, language and social skills.

The Center is home to a vibrant community of young children, families, educators and specialists in communication, language and learning. We strive to integrate best practice teaching methods with the unique, individual needs of each child and family we serve. Because we recognize and respect that the most important learning environment for children – especially during early childhood – is the one created at home, family involvement is a vital component in all of our early childhood programs.

Preschool: Three- and four-year-old children attend a child-centered, full-day preschool program founded on the belief that knowledge is intuitively sought by children through their own actions and experiences. We provide monthly home visits to families in this program.

Kindergarten: Five- and six-year-olds participate in a full-day kindergarten program which continues to foster child-directed learning opportunities while skill-building in areas of communication, literacy, math, science and social studies. Kindergartners may also choose to take gym, library, art and ASL classes on campus. Kindergarten students study the Bilingual Grammar Curriculum.