COVID-19 Updates, Reopening Plans and Remote Services for Our Community:

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Community ASL Classes

*We're excited to announce we will be bringing back our Community ASL classes in a virtual setting in early 2021. Send us a request to be added to our email list and be the first to know the details!*

For nearly 40 years, people have been coming to The Learning Center for the Deaf to learn American Sign Language (ASL).  While some may have a deaf family member, many simply love languages and want to learn ASL. Whatever your reason for enrolling, we promise a dynamic and engaging learning experience led by instructors who are Deaf and fluent ASL users. Our classes are small and encourage full participation in a fun and conversational setting. While you work to develop an ASL vocabulary and understanding of the language, you will also be learning about Deaf culture and history.

ASL classes are open to anyone 12 years of age or older. Students aged 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult (who is not required to enroll in the class but must wait in the building, near the classroom). After registering, students will receive information on obtaining any required resources. 

I am learning ASL so that I can be a better communicator with my deaf and hard of hearing coworkers. In addition to strengthening my ASL skills, I have loved learning the origins of some ASL signs, and also about Deaf Culture.  

Kellie A.
Evening ASL Class Student

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