Community ASL Classes

For nearly 40 years, people have been coming to The Learning Center for the Deaf to learn American Sign Language (ASL).  While some may have a deaf family member, many simply love languages and want to learn ASL. Whatever your reason for enrolling, we promise a dynamic and engaging learning experience led by instructors who are Deaf and fluent ASL users. Our classes are small and encourage full participation in a fun and conversational setting. While you work to develop an ASL vocabulary and understanding of the language, you will also be learning about Deaf culture and history.

We currently offer classes for ages 16 and older. The format (in-person, hybrid or virtual) will depend on demand and instructor availability. Classes do fill quickly, so we encourage those who are truly interested to register as soon as possible when we announce it. Please see course descriptions below and view the FAQs at the bottom of this page for additional information regarding pricing, etc.

Course Descriptions:

Level 1: Basic ASL vocabulary, fingerspelling, and ASL grammar to construct simple sentences 
Level 2: More sign language gestures, fingerspelling, ASL grammar, and vocabulary to express complex ideas and sentences
Level 3: intensive vocabulary building, ASL sentence construction, and telling short stories for conversations in ASL

Private Class Request

We are always accepting inquiries from business and organizations who wish to offer ASL classes as part of a private professional development opportunity. Fill out our inquiry form below to get in touch with us!

Community ASL Class Schedule

We are excited to announced our tentative schedule for 2022-2023 Community ASL Classes. Each six-week course is $185. Classes are scheduled over six weeks, but some adjustments may be made due to holiday, weather, or instructor conflicts. Registration links will post under each session as enrollment opens. Be sure to join our ASL Email List to receive an alert when each session is available!

Please Note: In lieu of a textbook, TLC uses TRUE+WAY ASL online curriculum to support our students. A 6-month membership less than $50 and will be required to successfully complete our classes. This cost is separate from our registration fee. Once registration is complete, you will receive a specific link and code from your instructor.

Fall Session:
September 19 - November 7: Completed

Winter Session:
January 9 - February 27: Now Closed

Spring Session:
April 3 - May 15
Registration Now Closed

Summer Session 
June 20 - July 27: Now Open!
Community ASL Classes - for ages 16 and older

ASL for Kids *new*! - An interactive and fun beginner level class for kids and parents ages 5-15.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am learning ASL so that I can be a better communicator with my deaf and hard of hearing coworkers. In addition to strengthening my ASL skills, I have loved learning the origins of some ASL signs, and also about Deaf Culture.  

Kellie A.
Evening ASL Class Student