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Walden School Clinical Care

Highly individualized clinical care is the hallmark of Walden School.

Each of our students has unique therapeutic and behavioral counseling needs. Consequently, individual treatment plans are created for each student by a multidisciplinary team of experts including the parent or guardian, the Clinical Director, masters-level therapists, a clinical psychologist and a child psychiatrist, the student’s following teacher and a residential advocate.

Plans are reviewed every twelve weeks, and students are encouraged, when appropriate, to help with the design.

All Walden School students receive individual therapy, and many are involved in group therapy sessions as well.

Family support is a key component of our clinical services. We work with families to help students successfully return to their home environment, providing ongoing therapy, home visits, training, consultations and parent support groups.

We have a full-time family partner who works with parents in the home and helps facilitate home/school communication and planning.

The Family Residence, an on-campus residence located next to Walden School, provides a comfortable location to stay when parents are visiting their child. Because the house is outside the immediate Walden School setting yet close to program staff and facilities, it’s also an ideal place to begin the transitional process of reuniting a resident with his or her family. The family residence accommodates up to 2-5 guests.

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Clinical Care FAQ