Equity and Inclusion Educator and Community Learning Tools

Indigenous Peoples Day

Daily Moth: Interview with 3 Indigenous Persons
Seek the World: Deaf Native Shares Four Amazing Native Cultural Stories
NAD Webinar: Real Talk, Good Action: The Indigenous Deaf Community
CSD: Indigenous Heritage Month
ASL Story: Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard
15 Books by Indigenous Authors
100 Native American Children's Books
PBS Native American Heritage Collection
NEA: Resources for Teaching About Indigenous Peoples 

The transgender flag. Six horizontal rows of color. Top to bottom: blue, pink, white, pink, blue

Supporting Transgender Youth

Every student has the right to feel safe and supported in their environment. Here are some resources that may help support the education, discussion and advocacy efforts for transgender students:

Guide to Being an Ally (Trevor Project)
National Center for Transgender Equality
Growing Up Transgender and Deaf
LGBT Section of NAD
Gallaudet Resources for LGBTQA