Justice for Minneapolis: TLC Video Transcript

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[TLC logo appears and then fades]

[A green background. A woman of color with short white hair wearing glasses, a light blue t-shirt and a scarf.] 

Kyle Amber Clark: Hello TLC Community. 

Kyle Amber Clark: Today is April 20th. Almost a year ago now, on May 25, 2020, we lost a life at the hands of a police officer. That life was a man named George Floyd; and today, justice was served. The jury just announced their verdict; they found the police officer guilty on all three charges. The convicted man’s name is Derek Chauvin. I know that all of us breathed a sigh of relief, between elation and rejoicing, however, it is important to acknowledge that this is a small win; a win for Black and Indigenous People of Color that had to experience this and have now seen justice served. The executive team was together when the verdict was announced. We all let out a breath, shed some tears, and then thought about what comes next; it is a win, but it is one small win. We wanted to share a few words with you. 

[Kyle Amber Clark walks off camera to the left. A white woman appears, with short dark hair and glasses, wearing a black button-down shirt].

Sarah Glenn Smith: As we said, this is the beginning, and that win did not happen by chance, it comes on the heels of much resistance and fighting, spotlighting injustice for the world to witness. Our stand and fight for justice makes a difference. Now is not the time to sit back, but to celebrate, and then to amplify the power in that win, and use the momentum we gained today to further advance our battle for justice for all in our community. 

[Sarah walks off camera to the left. From the right, a white woman appears, with dark, curly hair, wearing glasses and a light green shirt].

Karen Bishop: Now is the time to increase our efforts for our students, staff and community; we pause to recognize the progress today, and then get right back to work. 

[Karen walks off camera to the left. From the right, a white woman appears. She has medium length blonde hair and is wearing a dark colored sleeveless top].

Danielle Kehoe: The Learning Center stands against hate. The Learning Center stands for love. 

[Danielle walks off camera to the left. From the left, Kyle Amber Clark appears again].

Kyle Amber Clark: Now that you’ve seen the messages from us as a team, we ask the all of you check in on each other, check on your families, your friends, colleagues, staff and those you serve; we have much work ahead of us. 

[Kyle Amber briefly looks off camera. The screen goes black and then the TLC logo appears again].

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