Marie Philip School Announces May-lin Eu as Elementary Principal

September 06, 2023

Marie Philip School has announced May-lin Eu has been named Principal for its Elementary School, supporting deaf and hard of hearing children in Kindergarten through Grade 5.

May-lin Eu is Deaf and was born in Malaysia. She graduated from Gallaudet University with a Master's in Deaf Education. After graduation, she came to The Learning Center for the Deaf, where she has spent the last 26 years at Marie Philip School as an ASL teacher, tutor, mentor, and educator for grades 3 through 5.

Passionate about facilitating learning in all academic areas, May-lin has established and maintained strong relationships with families and students through her open communication and accessible instructional style.

May-lin has participated in a number of presentations and trainings, most recently completing training in a Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction (SIWI) federal grant, as well as presenting:  “Comparison between American Sign Language and Signed Exact English in U.S. Deaf Bilingual Education System” to Malaysian Deaf community in September 2021.