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Racial Equity Statement from Sarah-Glenn Smith

June 03, 2020

I’m Sarah Glenn-Smith, CEO of The Learning Center for the Deaf.

I struggle to make sense of not just recent circumstances in the news, and the senseless killing of George Floyd, but tragedy after tragedy in the decades before us, where history seems to repeat itself, unearthing years of egregious pain, and leaving us feeling overcome with sorrow.

TLC is proud of our diverse community, our many races, genderS, cultures, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, that make us a family.  We value the perspectives, identity, communication and contributions of each individual member of our community and celebrate its richness.

At the same time, we recognize that we MUST DO MORE. The Learning Center for the Deaf stands with our Black community. WE MUST DO BETTER. Historically, we have not done enough. WE MUST ACT. Our system has been set up to promote oppression and inequity. And while this must be rectified, it is not the job or responsibility of people of color to make us better. It is the responsibility of each of us. This is our job. We all have a responsibility in creating change; to stand up against racial injustice and inequality- together.

And these conversations will be uncomfortable. 

But on behalf of our entire organization, TLC is committed to being uncomfortable, and to working towards creating a community and a society that is diverse, inclusive, and respectful, together. Because...

Black Lives Matter.