TLC Welcomes Raymond Rodgers as Director of Walden School

July 12, 2022

The Learning Center for the Deaf has welcomed Raymond Rodgers as the new Director of Walden School

Raymond received his bachelor’s from Gallaudet University, a Masters in Social Work and MBA from Loyola University in Chicago. His first job after graduating college was at TLC as a residential supervisor. Raymond grew up all around the country, including California, Colorado, Washington, DC, New Mexico and Washington state. In his spare time, Raymond enjoys camping, hiking, bicycling, films, coffee shops, working out, yoga, traveling and quality time with friends.

Prior to joining TLC, Raymond was most recently Executive Director of Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA) for six years, and as Interim Executive Director for the World Federation of the Deaf for a year and a half.

Raymond is delighted to return to TLC, where he will  help ensure services are student-centered, and continue to promote a safe and welcoming environment for all. 

“I value health, nature, cultures, human connection, compassion and empathy. In life I strive for simplicity and balance in life,” he said.

The announcement comes after a long and intensive search in which TLC partnered with organizational and leadership development consulting firm Innivee Strategies, Inc. Innivee specializes in the recruitment and placement of executives and leaders of organizations that serve the Deaf and hard of hearing communities.

“On behalf of the Innivee Strategies team, we deeply appreciate The Learning Center’s trust in our team’s support for the Walden School leadership search process,” said Innivee Strategies CEO Shane Feldman. “We are excited about the upcoming success at the school under Raymond’s leadership.”

Walden School is a nationally-recognized residential therapeutic and education program for deaf children and youth ages 8 to 22. Walden School students have often experienced significant adverse childhood events, as well as language deprivation, resulting in mental health challenges, and have treatment needs that have not been successfully addressed in other academic and residential settings.