WCS staff taking notes from another staff.

Community Service Agency (CSA) Wraparound

We offer a range of care coordination services including Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Family Support and Training (FS&T). Learn more about our care coordination services below. 

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)  may be the right service for you if your child or teen has serious emotional or behavioral needs or if you need help getting all the service providers in your child’s life to work together. A care coordinator helps bring everyone together to work toward common goals. You can choose who is on your team, including professionals such as therapists, social workers, teachers, and your personal supports, such as friends or relatives. You may also ask for a “Family Partner,” a parent trained to help you make sure that your voice is heard. Together, the team will help you and your child reach your goals for your family.

Family Support and Training (FS&T)

Family Partners guide parents and caregivers in helping their children reach their treatment goals. They are parents or caregivers of children with special needs—they’ve “been there,” understand what families go through, and can share their experiences. Family Partners are not behavioral health professionals, but they understand child and family services and they can coach you as you work to meet your child’s needs.