Food Services

New Food Service Company

June 2024: TLC has selected a new food service company -- Whitson’s Culinary Group. We were impressed with the proposal that Whitson’s presented to us on how they would elevate the food experience for our commuters and residential students. Whitson’s also impressed us with their commitment to working with small schools. Whitson’s currently works with another school for the Deaf in the Northeast. 

This summer, Whitson’s will begin their transition process while Sodexo, our current company, will phase out its services by the end of June. Whitson’s will officially begin service on July 1, 2024 for our school programs. 

Interactive Food Menu

Whitson offers an interactive food menu for Marie Philip and Walden Schools to look at nutritional information for each meal.  You can find links to each school by going to their website and searching our school's code: TLCFTD.