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Helpful Tips for Teachers: Remote Learning at Home

For students who are deaf and hard of hearing, access to online video instruction poses significant challenges. Remember, a teacher's voice can be heard, but may be difficult to understand.

Hearing Access:

  • If possible, use a microphone/headset so that your voice is close to the mic, for greater clarity.
  • Be mindful of the rate and intensity of your speech. Speak naturally, but clearly.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum when teaching. 
  • Repeat peers’ comments, questions for everyone.

Visual Access:

  • Speak with a full face view to the camera. (Avoid looking down; avoid hands near your mouth.)
  • Be sure your face is well lit; avoid sitting where light (ex. a window) is at your back.
  • Provide visuals to supplement auditory information.
  • When reading a book aloud to younger children, a split screen mode will allow students to see the teacher's face for speech reading and the book.

Audio-Video Conferencing “Etiquette”:

  • Have students mute their microphones; and unmute only when speaking to the class.
  • Facilitate a one-talker-at-a-time rule.
  • Encourage students to use a signal (ex. hand raising) and wait to be called on before they unmute.
  • Teach students to be mindful of background noise in their own home environments.

Captioning. Remember: speech from videos is far less accessible than live voice.

  • Third party captioning services provide the most accurate captions, and may be necessary for some DHH students. Automatic captions are imperfect, and may contain errors that distort meaning.
  • Google Hangouts Meet provides automatic closed captions in real-time .
  • Zoom does NOT offer free, real-time captions. However, your student can access automatic captions through a separate platform such as Web Captioner at their end during video instruction
  • Offer pre-made videos with captions:
    DCMP: Educational videos with captions
    YouTube: Advanced Search Tool in YouTube will help in finding videos with captions (Filter > Features > Subtitles/CC). Be sure to preview videos to ensure caption accuracy

Teacher-Made Audios with Captions:

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