COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Plan for TLC Schools and Community Programs

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Captioning and Live Video Conferences

  • Live third-party captioning services:
    Most accurate, may be necessary for some DHH students.
    We recommend CART REMOTE: 813-404-2488
  • Open Captions: Always in view and can not be turned on/off by end-user
  • Closed Captions: Can be turned on/off by end-user
  • Automatic Captions: Generated by software. Different degrees of imperfect, and may contain errors that distort meaning
  • Embedded Captions: User can view lesson and captions in the same windowExample: Google Meeting has automatic embedded captions, easy to use, but imperfect
  • Automatic Non-embedded Captions: User needs to have two windows open -one for Zoom lesson (or another platform), other for captions: - Easiest to use
    Google slides
  • Automatic Captions which can be embedded: Free 30 day trial, need to set up account, not simple to learn. Has translation option. 
    Microsoft translator: Free, just for Windows computers
  • More Information on Captioning: (compiled by Tina Childress & Catherine McNally)

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